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  • A Macedonian Miracle: Zoran Rosomanov and the Survival of Free Enterprise in the Balkans

    by Christopher Deliso
    April 17, 2002

    Zoran Rosomanov's success story would seem improbable enough, happening as it has in a small, poor country. It becomes even more incongruous when we consider that Rosomanov started up just as full-scale battles were going on, and the future of Macedonia remained in doubt. Yet he was undeterred by the threat of war, or the fear that had paralyzed so many of his countrymen...


  • Zoran against the World Entrepreneurship in Transition

    by Sam Vaknin Ph.D
    April 17, 2002

    Behind this incredible tale of entrepreneurship, uncommon in these nether-regions, stands Zoran Rosomanov. A stereotypical visionary - mane, blazing eyes, imposing physique - this man, against nightmarish odds undreamt of by his Western counterparts, constructed, single-handedly, an impressive, star-trek like, factory. Thirty-six year old Zoran represents a new breed of "can-do" businessmen in Eastern Europe and the Balkan. His philosophy is the outcome of first-hand exposure to Western management techniques and ideology...




    "DIVAJN Dooel Skopje is our long-term business partner that has been always providing us with highly professional full-service support in the areas of: BTL advertising (development,management and implementation of promotional activities and events), PR activities, supply of promotional products, planning and engineering services, all enabled both on corporate level, as well as for our overall portfolio of brands."

    TDR SKOPJE DOOEL, part of ADRIS Group

  • "Guided by the overall impression from our mutual work, it is our pleasure to say that DIVAJN carried out all entrusted activities profoundly and most consistently to the last detail, always demonstrating highest level of professionalism and commitment. Which allows us to openly recommend DIVAJN as praiseworthy and trustworthy business partner. A partner with whom you could always be assured in receiving maximized performance and ensured quality up to the utmost principles."

    MAKEDONSKI TELEKOM AD SKOPJE, part of Deutsche Telekom Group

  • "Herewith, we would like to assert that the company always completely fulfills all our requirement and needs. The promptness by which DIVAJN meets our requirements, their short delivery term, choice, quality and price of the products are of particular importance for our company. If you choose DIVAJN as your partner you will certainly gain professional, fast and quality service and products that will successfully promote your company on the market."


  • "DIVAJN is our loyal business partner. They have always professionally and responsibly fulfilled all of our expectations referring to quality, price and on time delivery, because of their devoted and creative team. The wide range of products, their uniqueness and quality helps in maintaining the image and reputation of our company. We believe that DIVAJN is a serious business partner who continuously shows care for the quality and success in their business activities."

    OHRIDSKA BANKA AD OHRID, part of Societe General Group

  • "Beside the high set standards for the quality of the products, the efficiency with which offers are given, the fast delivery and the readiness to respond to each of our remarks, DIVAJN always successfully meets all of our requirements. Hence, if your company is in a need of service which is characterized of quality and promptitude, and of course highest level and flawless cooperation, then DIVAJN is definitely one of the few companies that will exceed your expectations."


  • "The cement factory Usje AD Skopje during the past years has achieved highly professional cooperation with DIVAJN. The large assortment, the quality of products and branding, the timely delivery and excellent communication with the employees are the reasons because of which our company gives its full confidence to DIVAJN. That is exactly why we freely give our recommendation and believe that if you choose DIVAJN as your business partner, even your most specific requirements will be fully satisfied and the highest expectations of any future cooperating company will be surpassed."


  • "The wide assortment of promotional products, quality and fast delivery, profound competence and expertise in the field, commitment to fulfill all our requirements and demands, are the major factors why we have chosen DIVAJN to be our business partner in accomplishing corporate and marketing purposes of our brand VOLVO TRUCKS on the territory of Macedonia. Should you need a professional and loyal partner you will certainly find it in DIVAJN."

    VOLVO TRUCKS Macedonia 

  • "By offering full service in the area of procurement and branding of promotional materials, DIVAJN always succeeds to meet all our expectations. The wide range of products, the inventiveness and expertise in making the choice which contributes to successful representation of our company on the market, the quick and effective feedback and the excellent communication with the employees, are the characteristics that make our cooperation more than successful. We have found a serious and loyal partner in DIVAJN, who meets all of your requirements professionally and responsibly."



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